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Yarden Roee


Fashion Blogger and Stylist


How do you define yourself?

            It's quite funny how often these questions come up in so many interviews as if one is obligated to define themselves as anything or something. I guess the best answer to this question that would define myself is that I quite honestly don't define myself. Since definitions have the nature of being definite and concrete, I tend not to be subjected to any labels that would place such concrete limitations on my capabilities, expressions, and fluidity. I am what I want myself to be in any given moment so  I don't define myself.


How was your first approach towards fashion?

            My first approach towards fashion does not fall within a timeline that I necessarily remember. Ever since I can remember, I have always been putting an effort into what I was wearing, saying, or doing that would pinpoint on the fashion in which I was conducting myself. Nonetheless, the most memorable first attempt at looking fashionable was when I had my ultimate go-to t-shirt when I was a young boy that I, quite literally, matched with every single outfit that I wore. It had neon pink and green embossing with protruding applications of cartoons of trucks and small go-karts. I literally still have it today.


How did you become a stylist?

            I really stepped into the extravagant world of fashion when I started working at Saks Fifth Avenue as a ladies' shoes Sales Associate. Working in an environment in which you are constantly surrounded by the most exquisite of designer ready-to-wear, accessories, and luxury cosmetics, ultimately uplifted my interest in taking fashion as a lifestyle rather than just a hobby. Once I got myself near such luxuries, I really witnessed how amazing it feels to be fashion-forward and constantly get attention and feedback from others about my outfits.


Where do you shop?

            For the most part, the majority of my shopping is online. As far as locations, I shop where most people shop for fashionable items; I really like to shop at Zara, American Apparel, Saks Fifth Avenue, and I do quite a bit of thrifting. Also, I absolutely LOVE shopping on eBay, you can find amazing things for dirt cheap, and that is where I get most of my super high-end designer items for prices that will definitely not put a hole in your pocket.


What's your definition of black?



Do you define yourself as experimental?

            Absolutely.  I think that one of the greatest things about fashion and being fashionable is that experimentation is not only recommended, but it is also essential and central. Like any other art forms in which personal expression takes place, the art of fashion is not flawless, and is being practiced by human beings that are naturally prone to error. Experimentation in fashion is what lets us experience the infinite possibilities of dressing the human body in such extravagant ways that ultimately set out the foundations of how other human beings should and want to appear as. Being an artist myself, if it wasn't for experimentation in fashion I would not have been able to truly assimilate fashion as a lifestyle because, for me, the ability to experiment with the infinite combinations that make a 'look' is what gives me the feeling of a true artist.


What are the rules of fashion?

            The one and only rule that has ever existed in the world of fashion is confidence.


This season's most outstanding collection.

            JUUN.j S/S 16. Completely redefined denim.


What do you intend to communicate through your style?

            I love this question. Ultimately what I intend to communicate through my style is the lack of need for labels and definitions, especially the ones affiliated with 'gender'. I honestly wear everything, from dresses to sweatpants, from heels to flip-flops, from super baggy to super fitted, and I would love to see the world and its inhabitants experiment with their sense of fashion in this manner. I don't care for stereotypical clothing and stereotypical associations with gender and clothing for the sheer fact that I don't care to be put in any box that would limit myself. It is time that people take away the importance of such insignificant stereotypes and focus on healthy personal expression and self-exploration!


3 'must have' of this season.

            White cowboy hat, white pointed-toe flats, and distressed denim!


How does fashion make you feel?

            Fucking FABULOUS!


3 Trendsetters

            Vanessa Hong (@thehautepursuit), VFILES and their entire crew (@vfiles),  and Man Repeller (@manrapeller).


Where do you find inspiration?

            Most of my inspiration comes from nature, I adore organic shapes and textures, and I think that those are the most relatable forms that us human beings can relate to. Other than that, I draw inspirations from other forms of artwork such as paintings, drawings, illustrations, sculpture, and performance art, and work of other designers.


What are the 10 commandments of a fashion stylist?

            1. Know yourself and crystallize your own style.
            2. Know your client and their needs and don't be afraid to accommodate.
            3. Brand yourself as much as you can.
            4. Do not be afraid of stepping outside of your comfort zone and try a different look.
            5. Colour is key when done right.
            6. Project confidence!
            7. Never let negative feedback hold you back, and never let positive feedback take away         your room for improvement.
            8. If you are a beginner, never refuse styling opportunities.
            9. Free yourself from wardrobe limitations by having go-to basics.
            10. Do not think that you cannot do it, know that you can.


What’s your perspective towards vanity?

            Putting an effort into one's appearance will always take you far, especially in the fashion world. With that being said, however, dwelling on appearance and being too shy and/or embarrassed to show yourself will only degenerate you and your capabilities. Looks are important, but they're not everything in life, artistic expression is.


What’s your opinion towards the strong relation between music and fashion?

            Ultimately, I believe that all art forms strive to be like music. In the words of English writer Walter Peter, "All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music" and that is because all art forms strive to combine subject-matter with form, while music is the only art form in which subject-matter and form are one. Other than that, the most logical reason towards combining fashion and music is the sheer fact that combining any forms of sensual experience enhances any given experience- so seeing the pieces on the catwalk while listening to sick tunes is not such a bad idea.


What is the most significant exhibition you have visited this year? 

            The most significant exhibition I have visited this year was definitely when I went to the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, and I got to see amazing artworks by artists that I adore.


Could you share with us your favorite trends of this season?

            I love that bondage-wear made its way to mass retail. I see harnesses and chokers everywhere now, and I absolutely love it! The Western/70's trend has also been going strong, and wide bottoms are not tabooed anymore!


3 upcoming designers we should know about.

            1. William Alexander (@william_dill_russeull)
            2. Orphan Bird (@orphanbird)
            3. Martin Across (@martin_across)


Book The Alchemist

Song Ashley All Day - Lean

Painter Egon Schiele

Illustrator Rob Phillips (Work)

Accesory David Yurman stack rings!

Designer You'll never get a definite answer on that!

Model Lindsey Wixson

Brand Still never a definite answer.

Perfume Killian's Smoke to My Soul