by Lucilla Bellini

The project came together with the editors of Eclectic Magazine, based in Paris and London with whom I am a regular contributor.

After visiting the wonderful Teide National Park in Tenerife, considering the immense grandeur of nature made me want to take action on the photos that I had made with colors related to the morphology of crystals, such as pink, purple, pastel colors, and also enter graphically the geometric figures within the composition as a sudden vision of something else, another dimension.

My idea fitted perfectly within the new issue of the magazine in which they were working and then the editors have decided to use my vision as a back cover of the magazine and in the beginning of each thematic area.

This is the theme of the magazine: "there is something cosmic in the universe that we don’t see, until it brings us together. With our upcoming spring issue of Eclectic magazine, we see things that we couldn’t before manifested on the pages from Berlin to Vienna, London to Paris, Prague to Copenhagen, the spirit of creative individuals magnetically bringing together their visions of the Fourth Dimension. We welcome the unification of time and space, pulling us in and out of different possibilities with our SS15 Issue hitting UK newsstands 6th March followed by Amsterdam, Lille, Lyon, Milan, Paris and Vienna".