Garden of the Hesperides

Words & Photography by Lucilla Bellini


I decided to go to Tenerife to visit a rare paradise in the ocean Atlantic, the mythological Garden of the Hesperides, where it is always Spring. The legend tells that the famous garden where grew golden apples were located in the Canary Islands, in the far West of the world, beyond the borders of the inhabited earth.

And yes, it is true, nature is immediately disruptive, the highest volcano Teide, the third largest in the world and the highest peak of all the Atlantic, you can see it above you with its size and height and gives the island a unique particularity.

Arriving by plane in the airport south are the palm trees and giant cactus the first meetings on the island, they are everywhere, stretching with impetus almost wanting to touch the sky.

The landscape changes constantly, while the south is dry, desert, sharp, rocky, the area north of the island is green, full of vegetation, tropical and along the highway that surrounds the island  as soon as you sees the huge volcano that great triumphs on the coastal cliffs that plunge straight into the sea, you remain speechless for the beauty.

A unique feature is this difference in the landscape, there are not only beautiful beaches, but an infinite variety of different settings ranging from rocks black, brown, reddish, bursting of the teide national park, to green forests of evergreen trees, a city Ancient as La Laguna, whose old town is UNESCO heritage, the beautiful city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with its ultra-modern Auditorium, designed by Calatrava and fascinated with its beautiful buildings of the early twentieth century. 

Another feature of the island that has fascinated me so much are the endless expanses of “Plataneras", banana plantations that are a scenery of unique beauty, the owner of one of these “Finca” told me that the plant of the banana tree is like a woman , it takes nine months to create its fruit growing inside the plant until then be pushed outwards producing fruits. The magic of the fascinating nature is undoubtedly what most fascinates me about this beautiful island.

I met many wonderful people and I received very warmly back, much willingness and desire to share their culture with those who are foreigners like me, maybe not speak the language well, but I noticed the desire to learn about different experiences and share a beer, tapas and a bit of gofio, the typical product of the Canary. Canarians are interesting people, I hope to know even more in the future.