Artist & Statement



"The realness of the feminine spirit"

In my work I explore the relationship between woman, photography and self-expression. The way a woman owns her identity, her cultural background and her beliefs. I find fascinating the way a woman can express so much with just being herself and they way she connects and shares her life’s statement with just her eyes. The eyes can say so much. No words needed.

I protest against how infame some countries can be for women, the way they walk over woman’s rights by showing their true beauty, empowering them through their garments, their surroundings and their natural essence.


Stefania Tejada is a multidisciplinary artist from Colombia, based in Paris.  Within 6 years of experience in the field of illustration, she has also worked for Savvy Studio (2016) and BBDO (2017), focusing on communication development and content production. 

Her clients include Lenny Letter, Tumblr, C37, Infashion, Why Wait, Atelier Crump, Bossa, Self and Others, Urban Decay Cosmetics, DNA Magazine and Meow Magazine among others.

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Ello X Creative Debuts, London.
Artists for Smiling Gecko project presentation at the Liechtenstein National Museum.

"Posture Magazine: The Infamous Issue" at SuperChief Gallery, New York.

"Trazos: Ilustrando moda" at Galería Breve, México.

"MalEntendidos" at Galería Leun'un Arte Habitación, México.

"Modus Operandi", Colombia.



Posgrado Creación y gestión de marcas de moda. BAU, Barcelona.

BA Fashion Design, LaSalle College, Colombia (2012) – México (2014)


Courses & Workshops

Copywriting & Storytelling with Neil French, El Dorado Festival, Colombia (2016)

Solve a brief in 48 hours with The Pop Up Agency, El Dorado Festival, Colombia (2016)

Photography, Marco Museum, México (2015)

Social Media with Octavio Regalado, México (2014)

Editorial Design, LaSalle College, México (2014)

Visual Merchandising, LaSalle College, México (2014)

Illustration and Concepts with Felipe Bedoya (2012)