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Smiling Gecko

ELLO X Smiling Gecko



For the Artists for Smiling Gecko project presentation to be given on Jan 31, 6p at the Liechtenstein National Museum and available for view through Feb 4. Created in part during my time in residence at Smiling Gecko in Cambodia with help and support from Ello and Boldomatic.

Smiling Gecko is an NGO created by Swiss photographer Hannes Schmidt. Their main objective is to pursue a holistic approach whose objective is to enable and promote the ability for the rural population to live a self-determined life.


Since the middle of the last century, Cambodia has been ravaged by decades of civil war and suffered terribly during the Vietnam war and the terror regime of the Khmer Rouge. As a consequence, Cambodia is now one of the poorest countries in the world. In its capital Phnom Penh alone, tens of thousands of children live on the streets, suffering hunger, illness and abuse. To provide these children and their families with a life in decency, we need to provide help on the ground.

Smiling Gecko is dedicated to helping these people – be it in the form of direct aid or through supporting other NGOs. Smiling Gecko focuses on areas of greatest need and helps people to help themselves through sustainable cluster projects. 

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