Rita Row


Rita Row

Words Laura Matamoros


How would you define Imma Serra and Xènia Semis?

They are women entrepreneurs who cannot stand still. Their ways of life are their personal projects. Doing different things and developing new projects always makes you grow as a person.


Where does the need of creating Rita Row is generated?

Rita Row was born from the passion of both (Xènia and Imma) for fashion, we got this feeling since we were little girls, and we found this project was the chance to prove it. It has worked out quite well so far! Obviously we never forget to follow the market trend.



Where does your inspiration originate?

Each collection has a different inspiration representing the time we are living in each stage. It can be a film, a director, an artist, a decade, a material ... the fun thing about Rita Row is that we get carried away…. all the time!

What can you tell us about your latest collection?

Our latest collection is SS16 called "Benidorm":

When the second World War ended, highly varied tourist scenes were launched, most of which present tourism under the same line: overcrowding. The entrance of what became known as the Welfare State, to certain further developed countries, led to the possibility, for the first time in history; to enjoy an annual holiday period for all citizens.

The choreography of tourists and their morning "looks" on the way to the beach can be conceived as a "kitsch" design scene. Tourists imitate each other in a banal gesture that clears out any depthless of contact between visitors and cultural artifacts. The scenes seem to be trapped in a monotonous atmosphere, totally absurd.
The headlines of Benidorm would be: Stripes, cotton, silhouettes that remind us of the tourist’ fashion. Original prints of the brand, a new line of swimwear and our footwear line expanded!


Who do you design for?

Rita Row is aimed to a woman who loves what she does, listening to music all day, loving the little things in life. Hard-working women with many goals in life, who wear comfortable clothing and have the same look for either work or hanging out with friends.

Which personal elements do you project in your brand?

We assume that behind Rita Row there are projections of our personal life. (I guess that influences, unintentionally)


How is the process of selecting which items will be part of each collection?

After working the inspiration we begin to materialize in shape and content of the collection. It is in this process where we spent the ideas to real things. Testing, sewing and unstitching, testing fabrics… the most creative part, we love it!

How is Rita Row's evolution through each collection?

Each collection makes us grow up and learn from every step we made before. Each collection evolves better and better as we work in every step, we learn more about what the Rita Row’s market needs.

Tell us about this season's colour palette.
For this winter we decided to work the azure (quite lavender) combined with mustard.  For the sport line we used the combination of lightly pink with black. Also, as the most used colours in the collections of Rita, we keep on using black and gray tones. It's a classic but we love it and it always works very well.

What is this collection Must Have?

There is no doubt: the triple coatdress from the sport line!



Why is your brand important to the fashion industry?

We just create the garments to be worn all day and which are multifunctional, comfortable, casual but at the same time with a touch of elegance.

What do you find in emerging designers that you don't see in high fashion brands?
It depends; each emergent designer can opt either for the high fashion industry or the business, which is our case. We believe that every brand offers ideas more or less wearable on the street, but most of them are innovative.


What do you intend to communicate through fashion?

A way of life, comfy, cozy…


What is the most outstanding exhibit you have visited this year?

 MOMA in NY.

Would you say art is essential in life?

Absolutely, art makes us think and encourages us to work our mind further.

What about music?

Music is essential in our studio! :)


Which artist and musician speak to your soul?

We just had a crush on MENDEZ, lately.


What is the key to success?