Paula Latimori

Paula Latimori

Words Stefania Tejada


Tell us about yourself.

I’m Paula Latimori. I’m a cinematographer student and photographer. I’m 25 years old and I live in Barcelona, Spain. I’m also a music lover and I play a little bit of drums in a band called ¨The Freep¨. I love visual arts and I’m working on fashion projects right now. 


How did you get started in photography?

My godmother gave me a camera for my 7th birthday, and that's when I started playing with it, and I really never stopped.


How do you create the stories you want to tell?

I don’t think about it as creating stories. It’s a process were I prepare a shooting with things I love, and I observe everything that’s happening while I do it. After that I develop the photos and finally have the chance to find out what I took from the people in that moment.

My mood and my personality are starting to be part of my work, I’m becoming part of the story and that's the interesting part after taking so many pictures all these years.


What do you intend to take from the people you photography?

I intend to obtain truth, beauty, a good portrait of what they represent in my mind. For me to take a good picture is to steal that moment when they got tired of trying to be someone they are not. That’s the magical moment.



What does a naked body make you feel?



What is beauty to you?

The most superfluous, horrible aspect of a human being. 


What does it takes to be creative?

It takes your whole mind and body. I like the idea of letting go hurtful things  through beautiful energy. 


What fascinates you?

Things we've endured and improve us while we are alive.



What makes photography interesting?

The memories.


What influences you work?

My past, my present, all the people I love and artists I admire. And of course, music.


How had photography influenced the things you do now?

Well, it influences my whole life of course, it has become a lifestyle now, it’s what I do, what represents me in this society, and I work hard on it every day. When you make a choice you leave other things behind. I would have loved to become a professional musician also, but I don’t have the time to be great in both fields, so I have chosen to become a professional photographer and do music for fun.


How would you describe your work?

An endless search.


Would you recommend a book?

Siddartha by Hermann Hesse and Tokio Blues by Murakami.

What can you experience through colour?

A unique aesthetic pleasure.

As a woman, what is your opinion about abortion and everything that’s being going on about this subject?

I think everybody is free to choose.

Do you think we, woman, should hide our bodies?

I think we have to be respectful about our bodies and not use them as if it were a mannequin. But everybody individually should feel its body as its own.

What’s your opinion about feminism? Where do you stand on this matter?

I respond with my actions every day to my partner, my friends and my family. I try to strengthen my personality without thinking if I am male or female. Prove to myself my strength and where I stand.