Paris Fashion Week 15

Paris Fashion Week A/W 15

Sketched by Celine Atienza

Words Alba García


Celine Atienza is an artist who gets inspired by runway's collections and then projects them in beautiful sketches. These sketches show a delicate and elegant illustration with simple and exquisite lines that fully reflect the aesthetics of Atienza´s work without losing the designer's outfit perspective, the way she combines the elements of the outfit with her own style such as playing with the appearance, structure and shadows make a perfect combination that leaves as a result a piece of art. 

Christian Dior PFW A/W 2015 

Christian Dior is bringing a commercial collection with 56 outfits to the Paris Fashion Week with a more dark style that reflects the nature and femininity in a more liberal, and sexual way; latex boots, darker colours, and short skirts renew the image of the woman towards a wild and masculine one. Atienza´s sketch shows an outfit from the collection, a black and white sweater with turtleneck combining it with a black pleated skirt. Atienza traces this outfit playing with the shadows and shapes capturing the elegance and vanguards that symbolizes Christian Dior but giving her personal touch.

Maison Valentino PFW AW 2015

Valentino presented during Paris Fashion Week a collection made up of 83 outfits full of glamour and elegance inspired in the millionaire culture, elegant patterns, colourful styles, lace pieces, unique gravings and luxurious fabrics made up a whole new collection that reflected a new aesthetic full of numerous new styles.

Atienza illustrates a red lace dress, with cleavage, reflecting the beauty that symbolizes Valentino´s creations, Atienza's sketch shows an elegant aesthetic that plays with shadows and silhouettes and captures the delicate movement of the work that give us the result of an exceptional illustration.

Chalayan PFW A/W 2015

Chayalan presents a new collection for Paris Fashion Week A/W 2015 inspired in North Africa, Spain and Morocco, trees and irrigation channels, black colours and oversize silhouettes are the main element in this collection.

Atienza combines the structure and the right colours of the collection with shadows and delicate lines that are used in their own sketch to create a work inspired in a black oversized silhouette jacket and loose pant where the fluidity and elegance of the collection is captured.

Celine PFW A/W 2015

Celine's Paris Fashion Week show was full of monochromatic colours and asymmetric cuts, the use of different patterns and the variety of elements were projected in the whole runway. It shows a brand new face for Celine.

Atienza illustrates a dress from the Autumn/Winter collection in beige and black colour in a simple silhouette made of two straps. The way she traces the dress with simple and delicate lines combining it with block colours perfectly reflects the Atienza's style; a style full of elegance and feminism.

Yohji Yamamoto PFW AW 2015

Yohji Yamamoto brings to Paris Fashion Weeka collection full of drama and sensuality that is shown through kimono dresses, fabric that resembles a spider web, simple details in purple and blue, wide legs pants and long fluid skirts.

Inspired by this dramatic collection and the look of black trousers and a oversize jacket in black, Celine reflects in her own sketch the sensuality and fluidity of the woman, playing around with the movement and the outfit shadows to create an elegant and mysterious illustration.