Michal Pudelka

Interview: Michal Pudelka



We know you are a Visual Artist who works with photography, drawing, collage and video, but who is the Michal Pudelka behind the lens?

Little gay guy, that collects vintage barbies who loves nature and saving money for a glass house in the middle of the woods. So he can scape reality of the city.

Hopeless naive love-full.


 How was your first connection with photography?

During my foundation years at Parsons París, they made me buy a camera to capture development of my project. I inmediately felt in love with taking pictures and started with shooting self-portraits to express my inner thoughts and demons.


How do you define today’s society and how do you reflect it through your photographs?

Today society is very totten and I would name this era as a massive brain washing through social media. So i decided that instead of being brain washed I will be brain washer.


How did you get into the world of fashion photography?

Since I was little I dreamed of being a fashion designer. That’s why I got to study at Parsons París – to be a fashion designer, but buying my first camera rocked my world.


How did you first connect with nature and how do you connect it with your work?

First I connected with nature when I was very little, spending summers and all the holidays with my dear grandmother at Slovakian Village. I used to run through forests barefoot. I think that humans can not create soemthing as beautiful as nature is. For me natural photography is shooting on film and not retouching much.


What do you see in the models you photograph?

Mostly I’m looking for the most beautiful girls with very symmetrical faces. So it enhance the irony in my work. People sometimes pay to much attention to outside beauty, but that doesn’t mean much after all. Structure of your face don’t make you persaonlity, not many people get that. Sadly sometimes, I’m one of them.


How do you describe your work?

As a surreal mash up of personal thoughts and ideas, with deeper concept behind.


Tell us about your creative process.

Of course! It all start with an idea, with concept that I have the need to explore. My sketchbook is very important part in the process, since I sketch all of my picture before I shoot them.


Tell us about your own world of inspiration.

 It comes from my own life experiences and situations that I’m confronted with. I use my pictures as a form of therapy, a way to ventilate my feelings.


How does inspiration speak to you?

I can get inspired anytime, anywhere, during watching the Simpsons or in a way in a cab. It’s always something different that kicks in, a situation, architecture or color.


Why did you decide to use this army of school girls in your photographs?

At first, I would like to say that my school girls are growing up little bit and chaging to women, but the concept still stays the same. This concept is about todays society pushing us into loosing our own identity and therefore making us part of stereotypical groups – where we follow the same trend and getting mainstreamed.


How would you describe the world inside of your photographs?

As a very intimate one, world outside of this world.


Why did you choose analog photography?

Because I love grain, depth of the colors the sound of my camera when it clicks. Also receiveing developed films is always like Christmas, very exciting.


What are the secrets hidden in your photographs?

Secrets should stay secrets and also I would like everybody to find their own self in my photographs.


·       Analog camera: Canon

·       Runway Model: Hedvig Palm

·       Spring Must Have: Leather sandals

·       SS15 Fashion Show: Valentino

·       Writer: Nabokov

·       Book: Lolita

·       Artist: Egon Shiele

·       Musician: Alison Goldfrapp

·       Song: Paper bag - Goldfrapp

·       City: Prague