Megan Eagles


Megan Eagles

Words Maria Fernanda Casco


How did you start your career as a photographer?

I started taking photos as a teenager but I didn’t properly started a career until I was 21. I went to LA to visit my dad and a friend came along. She encouraged me to do a shoot with her as I hadn’t done any composed work before and I ended up taking photos of her running naked through the desert and after they went online I started getting noticed. 


What do you consider are the elements that give a special value to an image?

I guess that now imagery is so ubiquitous, making an image stand out is more difficult. Also, there is such a culture of references and homages that you see the same ideas repeated and restyled over and over. It really takes a strong personality and eye to make something stand out. 


Who are your biggest influences?

Helmut Newton. I also love Araki, early Playboy, 90s porn stars like Traci Lords and books like Nancy Friday and Story of the Eye.


I’m guessing your work is analogue instead of digital; do you have any stand on the issue? 

My work is 95% analogue - I went through a period of experimenting with digital after starting with film but found the results were lacking. There’s a depth and richness to film that you don’t get with digital. I also feel learning on film trains you better - you need to know you’ve got the shot without seeing it. And of course there is always the magic of going to pick up your film and not knowing what you will get. 


When starting a project, what is your creative process?

It varies. Sometimes I will nurture an idea I’ve had out of the blue, other times I just meet someone I want to shoot or a great location and it happens naturally that way. Sometimes I will research via Tumblr for some inspiration and then use that to pitch a shoot.


About the eroticism on your work, how much of it is provoked, and how much happens on the spot?

It’s pretty organic really. I take the subject to a location and we hang out for a couple of hours while I shoot. I don’t give much direction; I prefer to shoot around the subject so that it becomes more collaborative. A lot of the girls I shoot are friends too so it’s fun. We get some wine and mess around. There is a different vibe created when a model is being sexy for her friend as opposed to a male photographer, and that’s what I want to capture.


Being a female nude photographer, conceptually what are the essential elements to consider in creating an image?

Pose, location, light. To be honest I very rarely use hair and makeup, and when the girls are naked you don’t need a stylist. So you work with those 3 key things, have fun and hopefully something good comes out of it!


What do you tend to communicate through the women human body?

The power and beauty of female sexuality shown from a female gaze. 


What are you working on currently?

I am working on a few different photo projects and also developing some video work as well. I am currently finishing an edit on a fashion film I shot on super8 and I am developing a short document centered around the sex industry. 


Who are you?

A voyeur!