Julia Geiser

Julia Geiser



Julia Geiser is a 28-year-old postindustrial designer who happens to make beautiful digital surreal collages, making us wonder about what's beneath the surface of life. She lives and works in Berne, Switzerland. Her work is a combination of vintage images, animals and geometrical shapes giving her work a sense of fantasy and surrealism. 

When did your interest in voyeurism begin?

I mean, who doesn’t know the attempt to go through the personal stuff of others, really? But the Internet made it just so much easier. I am fascinated about how privately we use the Internet nowadays. The Internet is blurring our understanding of private and public.

How was your first approach to the world of art, specially the technique of collages?

My first approach to collages was when I had to create a flyer. It was more of a coincidence that I used the technique of collage. And as I am a lazybone I just got stuck with it, as it is the perfect technique for me! It’s fast, luscious and messy (at least the way I do it). So it’s perfect to kind of sketch an idea

Where does this feeling of cruelty towards humans and animals come from?

Well I wouldn’t say cruelty towards humans and animals, I would say it’s the lust to question and tear apart any kind of absoluteness. We are used to look at things in a certain context. To understand something we need to question its context and maybe reinvent it to fully grasp its idea. Or maybe that’s bullshit and I am just cruel.

What do you intend to convey through people and animals mutilated?

Well first, collage is living on the concept of cutting things apart. So it’s kind of the most obvious conclusions to mutilate the objects or in my case, the animals and people.  And it’s the need to think about the idea of something. What are the things made of and what is inside? 

How would you define your interest towards human anatomy?

Well I never thought about it. Well I do now. Probably because it is an attempt to explain what the fuck is going on. And the study of our epiphysis is a very approachable attempt. 

Where does your interest in animals and people come from?

From animals and people.

Why do you present the human image in black and white?

Well there is one basic reason: I work a lot with public domain pictures. Most of those are in B/W. And I guess in an odd way they become more about shapes and forms to me in black and white.

If you could select the most representative image of the concept of your work, which one would it be?

I guess that would be Louise broke. It is one of the early collages and in a way it's where my interest in slicing and creating collages started.

What are your most significant influences?

Oh hard to tell. There are so many great artists (dead and alive) out there. And of course I am influenced by the pictures I use to create the collages. Sometimes in a very direct way.

What are the most decisive events in your life that have allowed you to get to where you are right now?

As an artist? As a person? Well in everyway the privilege to be born and grow up in a situation where I am (more ore less) free to make my own decisions and redefine what I am and what I am doing on my own terms.  But decisive…. Probably when I opened up a Tumblr account (actually just as a mockup for a totally unrelated workshop) and realized that there are people out there that like my collages. So in a way a very trivial event. But it made the difference.