"The realness of the feminine spirit"

In my work I explore the relationship between woman, photography and self-expression. I find the connection between the camera and the eyes of a woman a magical moment, a truthful moment. The way a woman can connect and express so much with just being, with simple movement, through eye-contact, with just being herself in a natural environment and through fashion. The way she owns her identity and her cultural background. 

I believe a woman can be powerful through her own nature, through her femininity, through clothes and spaces designed specially for her, because she deserves those spaces, those personal moments and she owns them. My work strikes to represent contemporary women, full of empowerment and rebelliousness without losing their feminine essence.



recent work


bakarian studio

Bakarian Studio is a design concept store focusing on furniture design. Founded by Lauren Bakarian and based in Miami.


bossa concept

Founded by Alessandra Cavalcante and based in Miami. Featuring the work of designers: Cris Barros, Isolda and Sissa. Collections that reflect the Brazilian essence and lifestyle, leaping out for their wild color combinations.


urban decay,   colossal media & tumblr

Urban Decay has a non-profit initiative called The Ultraviolet Edge that was created on International Women’s Day, March 8th, to empower women all over the world. This year on March 8th, Urban Decay partnered with WGEF (Women’s Global Empowerment Fund) to help raise money for women in Uganda. 


lost & found market

Lost & Found market is a second hand and vintage market that have been around since 2008, a pioneer in these kind of event in Spain.

Held every 3 months in Barcelona and twice a year in Madrid, Lost & Found evolved to a small festival with music and food, gathering thousands of people.




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