Haya Maraka

Haya Maraka

Writer, tastemaker and Bergdorf Goodman Ambassador based in New York City

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How does the influence of Diane Vreeland have inspired you?

Diana Vreeland is a true example of a fashion legend. The Divine Mrs. V always stood out, she created a persona and then devoted her life to maintain her persona and vision. I could answer this question in pages, as one line would never be enough to describe my admiration to her. Diana Vreeland never gave up her vision, taste and what she believed in, even after she got fired in 1971, she didn’t give up. The reason the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute is even relevant is because of the work she did there. Jackie Kennedy took style advice from her, and she saw potential in many of today’s fashion history names. i.e Twiggy. She is the original fashion editor, and the first person to introduce the idea of lifestyle to the fashion industry. She will forever remain an inspiration to me.


At what point, fashion became a way to communicate?

Since the day I was born. I didn’t wake up one day and decided I wanted to be in fashion, it was something I knew since I was very young. I grew up around women with good taste and a good sense of style. You can communicate a lot through what you wear, so really it’s everyday, since we wear clothes everyday.


How does fashion speak to you?

Fashion is a form of expression.


What’s your perspective towards the inclination of people to follow trends instead of create their own?

I feel sorry for them. They would have much more fun discovering/creating their own style.


Is travel a significant part of your creative process as a stylist?

Travel is a significant part of life.


Would you declare art as another source of inspiration?

For me, fashion and art is the same thing, and yes very inspiring. A designer is an artist, just like a painter is an artist, as well as a chef.



What is the purpose of styling to you?

To make women feel beautiful.


What do you discover through vintage clothes?

Through vintage clothes you discover the cycle of fashion and how old styles always come back. You also discover the era it came from.


Would you share with us your creative process when it comes to writing? How do you prepare yourself and how do you decide what to write about? 

Creativity is spontaneous.



Have you ever thought of making fashion films?

It is definitely something I am planning.


What are some of the tunes you hear to start your day?

Everything depends on the mood I am in. I do listen to a lot of Nina Simone.


Most significant collection of this season.

Christian Dior Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2015-2016 collection.