Bradley Jordan

Interview: Bradley Jordan



Who is Bradley Douglas outside the fashion shows?

I am a creative realist balancing fashion and family, whose main objective is to stimulate the minds of others.


Tell us about your Couture Mask brand. How did you start and what inspired you to create it?

In the beginning I was asked to re create a Mason Martin Margiela inspired mask for a photoshoot. Ultimately becoming obsessed with masks and the mystery behind them. I kept creating masks using different mediums and CoutureMask was created.


Define your creative process.

I just let my mind run wild. If I have an idea, I run with it making alterations and edits along the way.


As a designer, what do you find inspiring?

Life as it exists is the most inspiring and influential.


Who’s the woman behind the mask?

They are powerful heiresses of fashion... Looking for that special someone to see through the mask and accept them for who they really are.


Where does your inspiration come from?

The spark of my inspiration comes from the determination to make the next mask more stimulating than the last one.

 How did you start as a fashion designer?

I was always drawn to fashion and making outfits come to life. This came from my grandmother, she was always sewing or making something beautiful.


How would you describe the concept of your work?

My work is Ready to Wear with avant-garde flare. I like to create each piece so it can be mixed into an everyday ensemble.


How do you define beauty?

Beauty is a realization of oneself, it can be empowering yet destructive.


What are your standards of beauty?

Confidence is the foundation of beauty and can make or break a face.

What do you communicate through your masks?

I like to portray mystery and wonder.


How was the response of the public after your fashion show in New York?

I had a great response to my fashion show in New York City, everyone loved the masks and the silhouettes that were paired with them.


What did you learn about this experience?

I’ve learned that Consumers are ready for me to produce my designs and sell in retail markets.