Adi Putra



Adi Putra

Words Stefania Tejada



How was your first approach towards photography?

It just came to me. I have always been in love with visual art, so one day I just decided to experiment with photography and it just clicked.


Where does your need to create come from?

i guess it came from both of my spiritual and ego need. It’s addicting and it makes me feel more alive.


Would you describe your work as psychedelic?

Yes, it definitely has that vibe but I wouldn't want to put any label on it.


Where do your influences originate?

My influences came from a lot of things but mostly cinema, music and dreams.



How would you describe your aesthetics?

Nostalgic, dreamy and ethereal.


Tell us about your creative process.

I don't usually plan anything, I am pretty spontaneous and kind of let the moment dictates my creative process.


What’s the connection between music and photography?

I think music is something that communicates directly to our subconscious. I want my photography to have a strong relationship with music, I want it to have some kind of voice and go together well with music.


What does photography mean to you? How does it make you feel?

i see photography as a self exploration tool. I feel it every time I take photos, because I discover something new about mysel and it’s exciting.



What kind of cameras do you use?

I have a Pentax spotmatic 35mm , Polaroid land cameras, SX 70, some cheap point and shoot cameras.


What do you intend to communicate through these images?

There is no specific messages I am trying to convey, I want to present it as it is and let the viewers' feeling decides.


Where does the feeling of nostalgia come from?

Dreams and memory.


Is your work intentional? Do you plan each session?

Depends on the project, but I don't usually plan, I think that’s how the magic happens.



What are some of your favorite locations to work?

I love working in nature landscape.


Who are the girls you select? What do they transmit to you?

They are mostly friends of mine. I love exploring the beauty of mystical feminine vibe.


What’s your perspective towards the human body and nudity?

You own, your own body, do what you want with it.


How's your relation with colour?

I always prefer to work with colors, I believe they transmit certain energy.



What do you hope to make the viewer feel?

That is not up to me to decide.


Why do you saturate colours in your work? What is the purpose?

Sometimes I want the pictures to have a louder voice but I don't necessarily always saturate colors in my photos.


Who are the photographers that influence your work in some way or another?

Duane Michals, Tim Walker, Neil Krug, Alison Scarpulla, etc...


What is the latest exhibit you attended? What can you tell us about it?

I went to see Yayoi Kusama's infinity room installation at the broad museum. It was so cosmic, I loved it.



How does living in a city like LA helped you grow and develop a certain style as a photographer?

LA is a big city surrounded by all kind of creative people and surrounded by beautiful nature landscape that really help to keep me inspired.


How is the art scene in LA and what are some of the places we should visit?

It’s great here, you can find pretty much any kind of niche you want to explore. I usually recommend people to check out Amoeba Records, The Echo, and the beach.


What are you working on right now and what can we expect from you in the future?

Working on a couple of music videos and some editorials.


Who is Adi Putra?

I’m a Jedi Master