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"The realness of the feminine spirit"

In my work I explore the relationship between woman, photography and self-expression. The way a woman owns her identity, her cultural background and her beliefs. I find fascinating the way a woman can express so much with just being herself and they way she connects and shares her life’s statement with just her eyes. The eyes can say so much. No words needed.


I protest against how infame some countries can be for women, the way they walk over woman’s rights by showing their true beauty, empowering them through their garments, their surroundings and their natural essence.

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recent work



Ora busca transformar la manera en la que las personas perciben, interactúan, sienten y contemplan la naturaleza que las rodea. Cada elemento es único y se enfoca en activar los sentidos mediante la diversidad de flores, tonalidades, texturas y aromas.


bossa concept

Brand Stationery

Founded by Alessandra Cavalcante and based in Miami. Featuring the work of designers: Cris Barros, Isolda and Sissa. Collections that reflect the Brazilian essence and lifestyle, leaping out for their wild color combinations.


bakarian studio

Bakarian Studio is a design concept store focusing on furniture design. Founded by Lauren Bakarian and based in Miami.



The human soul has no gender.


self & others

"Humans being human beings"

“I think I’m worry to make proclamations of “self ”. I can tell you how I feel or what I do with my time, or things that make

me happy or sad. I can tell you things I regret or that I desire, but I don’t know where to draw the shape around myself.”


urban decay,   colossal media & tumblr

Urban Decay has a non-profit initiative called The Ultraviolet Edge that was created on International Women’s Day, March 8th, to empower women all over the world. This year on March 8th, Urban Decay partnered with WGEF (Women’s Global Empowerment Fund) to help raise money for women in Uganda. 


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